Special Thanks

I know the list below doesnt sum up the multitude of nearly 500 that were in attendance at the Dimas Armani Memorial, nor does it capture the magnitude of appreciation for each and every one of you. Your support, your kind words and well wishes were instrumental in getting us through a particularly rough time in our lives. On behalf of the Dimas family, I wish to extend sincere appreciation for all who showed support at Armanis memorial, especially those who visited the hospital prior to his passing. Your support during that time not only reassured us of your commitment to our family, but helped make our sons transition smooth, memorable and peaceful. Again, I wish to try and thank you all for your support and love as no collection of words can holistically capture the volume of appreciation we have for your devotion to our family during this time.
  • Thank you – Westgate team from all resorts. You all are amazing at heart. Wow!
  • Thank you – Dr.K and staff
  • Thank you – Dimas Armanis friends and family
  • Thank you – Bobby, and Francia Fusik
  • Thank you – Alex Ucein
  • Thank you – Shane Coleman
  • Thank you – David Hetrick
  • Thank you – Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Thank you- Mark and Family
  • Thank you- Nick Palmer
  • Thank you – Kim Carson
  • Thank you – Sammie Satie
  • Thank you – Garvin, Neph, Pete, and Avin
  • Thank you – Titus, and family
  • Thank you – Mark Perazo
  • Thank you – James Young and family
  • Thank you - Soenid Roman
  • Thank you - Cesar Prada
  • Thank you - Kelly Rotella
  • Thank you - Barbara Rameriz
  • Thank you - Former president – Barak Obama
  • Thank you - Dimas Armani – Ear Dr. – Julie
  • Thank you - Dalton and Mindy Sanchez
  • Thank you - Dalton and Mindy Sanchez Thank you - Professional athletes
  • Thank you - Cherry Gammelin cherry tree writing.com

He didn’t make it for his wish, but I would still like to thank the Make-a-wish Foundation for reaching out.

Kids like Grayson, Hanna, and Israel should all be supported because when one child goes through the day to day, the whole family does.

I want to say thank you to our sponsors:

September 24, 2017
11184 Rosen JCC
Orlando, Florida 32836